Hal Roth "My Alpha Autopilot steered American Flag eighty percent of the time on my BOC 27,597 mile Round the World Race.

The Alpha unit was excellent in light following winds and the Alpha was also good in heavy weather and steered my ultra light boat on the day that I logged 240 miles under the reefs and a small headsail. Just past Cape Horn I got into a very severe gale and nasty tidal overfalls; again the Alpha saw me through that terrible day. Like Dan Byrne in an earlier race, I stand in awe of the performance of your autopilot. Not only were its operation and dependability flawless, but the power demands were minimal. "

Dan Byrne " I am happy to report to you that my Alpha Marine Systems autopilot performed flawlessly for the entire BOC race. I am in awe of your device. It functioned continuously for thousands of miles without faltering, with a barely discernible power drain and with sufficient muscle to handle Fantasy in gales of 60 knots, gusting to 70."

Mark Schrader "On July 4th, my Valiant 40 cutter Resourceful returned to Seattle after completing a record setting solo-circumnavigation of the world. The 3000 performed flawlessly and required less than five minutes maintenance during the 27, 300 mile voyage. Thank you for this wonderful piece of equipment".

 Stan Honey "The following Cal 40 times are two of the fastest Cal40 Hawaii Race times ever, both accomplished with a shorthanded crew and an Alpha Spectra Pilot steering essentially the entire way."

         1996   win the Pacific Cup doublehanded and fleet in a Cal40  11Days 05 Hours 34 Minuets

         1994  set the singlehanded Hawaii record in a Cal40  11Days 10Hours 52Minuets 

         1992  ALSO set the Pacific Cup doublehanded record in a Santa Cruz 70  8Days 20 hours 47Minuets again using the Alpha Spectra Autopilot.

Francis Stokes " It is far and away the best made autopilot, if you evaluate performance, strength, and reliability against current drain...I'll never leave port without an Alpha Pilot."

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