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The basic SPECTRA system has been designed so that it can be operated without reliance on any display. This has been done to increase reliability, enhance ease of operation, and to make the control module smaller and thus easier to install on many vessels. The three display functions that a pilot can offer are: pilot mode, which is shown on the LED display; Heading, which is available in a small waterproof module or interfaced to an instrument system, and shown on existing displays; and rudder position, a separate display is unnecessary since the design of the helm control not only commands rudder position but its ergonomic knob clearly shows rudder position.


Autopilots have historically been designed as "closed systems" with a fixed architecture and incapable of growth. SPECTRA changes all that. The SPECTRA system has an open architecture that can be modified, adapted, expanded, and updated to remain as "state of the art" as the user requires. The design allows extensive "customization" to meet user needs and its multi-processor design allows future expansion in directions not even visualized today.

The CPU is configured like a personal computer. Its various building blocks plug together via a common buss. This buss allows easy plug in system additions and makes service as easy as unplugging a board.

E X P A N D I N G   T H E   B A S I C   S Y S T E M

Available with a 25' retractable cord, it allows you to manually steer from virtually anywhere on board. The steering knob acts as full power steering with knob position corresponding to rudder angle. The pointed knob lets you "feel" the rudder position even in the dark. When control is returned to the pilot mode it will return to the compass course previously selected or with a click of the set button you may select a new heading.




Various software packages are such as our 'wind-soft' are available to interface mast head wind sensors to pilot. These packages utilize a P.C. to provide the computing power needed to segregate real wind shifts from vessel induced shift do to roll and pitch.


 GPS can be interfaced to the SPECTRA system. The interface may be via a dedicated interface card or though an external Personal Computer.



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