Putting new electronics on your boat?

Is it safe?

Is your power system voltage transient free so they won't be damaged?

For many years voltage transients have damaged shipboard equipment while eluding even skilled technicians.

This hazard can occur infrequently and thus it can be very difficult to locate the source.

The TRANS-CORDER solves that difficult problem simply and cost effectively. Now this valuable tool can be yours for only 


How does it work?

The TRANS-CORDER is simply connected to the power buss, which serves your electronic systems. The TRANS-CORDER then automatically monitors the buss and not only records the magnitude and polarity of any transient which occurs but sounds an alert. When the alert sounds, it is easy to know what is causing the damaging transient since the operator can relate the alert to what system just operated.

We think you will find this a valuable addition to your power monitoring equipment because it is simple to use, low in cost and very effective.

In addition Alpha Marine Systems manufactures a line of transient protection devices. Please ask one of our representatives for more information on these.

Please note, we have recently published a short paper on lightning and EMP damage which we hope you will find helpful. LINK

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