Introducing the New Alpha 3000 -  9d6

Alpha Marine Systems is proud to announce the introduction of the Alpha 3000-9d6 .

Alpha pilots have long been known for their low power consumption, high reliability and excellent steering performance.

With this latest version we combine the best steering algorithm we have ever offered with the with the voltage protection features of the dash 9. In response to the changing electrical environment created by modern battery charging systems that rely on higher voltages, Alpha  redesigned the 3000 to isolate these potentially damaging voltages from the motor drive system. As an added benefit the Dash 9 includes a new  course setting revolver with enhanced precision.

This version of the 3000 incorporates the same steering algorithm that has made our Spectra series pilots race winners.

The new algorithm is available on all new Model 3000 pilots and as an upgrade to existing 3000's. Pilots prior to the Dash 9 can be upgraded to the dash 9 configuration with the d6 program and existing dash 9's can also be upgraded. For more information on how we can improve your autopilot steering contact the sales and service departments. 




Announcing the introduction of a solid state gyro:

          As good as the Alpha Hydrostasis® fluxgate compass is, there are small performance gains which can be achieved on very fast boats.  On today’s ultra fast boats that are capable of very high speeds only a gyro is capable of providing a truly accurate heading. To answer this need Alpha has introduced a cost effective solid state gyro. This unit is available as an option on new Spectra pilots It is also available as an upgrade on existing systems. For more information contact the sales department. 

           As one of our customers says after up grading his Spectra pilot for a downwind race to Hawaii "my boat now steers like its on rails".






      For many years voltage transients have damaged shipboard equipment while eluding technicians. Trans- corder provides a cost effective solution. The instrument monitors the ships power system and not only records the nature of the transient but sounds an alert. Went the alert sounds it is easy to know what is causing the damaging transient since the operator can relate it to what system just operated. We think you will find this a valuable addition to your power monitoring equipment because it is simple to use, low in cost and very effective.









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