TRANS-CORDER (tm)        $89.95

The Alpha Marine Systems "TRANS-CODER" (tm). has been designed as both a diagnostic tool to effectively locate sources of voltage transients, which can damage electrical and electronic equipment, and as an on-line monitor too warn you of changes in your electrical system.

Properly installed a TRANS-CORDER(tm) can act as an effective safeguard for your expensive on-board electronics.

Once wired into the vessel's electrical system, the TRANS-CODER (tm) will constantly monitor the vessel's electrical system. 

The beauty of this device is that it not only records the magnitude of the voltage transient but it sounds an audible alert when ever a transient occurs. This allows one to know what component in the electrical system is causing the transient.

 When the alert sounds, all one has to do is ask, what system just activated or deactivated and you will know positively where the transients are coming from. 

Then installing a transient protection device such as our ALPHA SORB ( tm) device on that component and your electrical system can be made much safer for all your expensive electronics and ensure enhanced reliability.

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