What makes an Alpha Pilot so good?

To start with, our Flux gate compass is unique in the industry.

Unlike other manufacturers, we use a direct earth's field sensing magnetometer - similar to the devices used by The United States Geological Survey  for precise analysis of our earths magnetic field. Combined with our proprietary feedback technology that eliminates most common compass problems such as northerly turning error, we are able to offer a unique highly accurate product. 

Alpha's HYDRO-STASIS (TM) gimbal system, isolates the sensor from vessel roll and pitch. Because our technology totally eliminates the need to average compass output, the Alpha Phase IV compass is able to provide extremely accurate steering information in under two thousandths of a second rather than two to five seconds common with most pilot compasses.

Our technology eliminating the need to average compass output, significantly increases helm response, and dramatically improves down wind performance. To demonstrate this capability we point to the race records of our owners over the last 30 years.

What does our technology mean to the average boat owner?

It means that you can have a pilot that will steer down wind in a following sea as well as most human helmsmen. It means you can go places where other pilots can't , such as Alaska, or Newfoundland where other compass systems fail to perform well.

Our controllers are designed by sailors for sailors. They feature easy to use controls such as YAW which does exactly what a human does when changing course from a down wind to an up wind course. And TRIM, which compensates for changing weather and sail conditions just as you would if you were steering. No complicated programming, with manuals and multiple screens. Just simple settings that have been designed to do "business" like you do.

What is a drive link?

A drive link is the device which, in an Alpha pilot, connects the linear drive unit to your steering system. This device - only available on Alpha pilots - declutches the pilot from the steering system in such a way that, when steering by hand, the pilot produces no detectable drag on the steering. Therefore having an Alpha pilot does not deteriorate helm feel and  does not require the helmsman to work harder than he would otherwise have to.

We are very proud of the long history of our drive systems.

Our high efficiency ball screw linear drive, using the principle of rolling balls, takes the high speed, low torque output of the motor and almost frictionlessly  converts it into the high torque needed to steer the boat.


This device offers the highest mechanical efficiency and lowest power consumption while allowing you to retain full lock to lock steering, features no other pilot offers. 

Instead of selling a one size fits all , we offer drives with the speed and torque to match your vessels needs. That is where our broad product line and our years of application expertise will benefit you greatly. The right pilot with the right drive for years of unmatched performance and service.

How do our pilots hold up?

We build the most efficient and most reliable drive components of any manufacturer. Our design and construction exceed military specifications for reliability. With a forty year company history, thousands of pilots in service , and many vessels that have made circumnavigations of the world, - sometimes taking decades to complete and encompass legs totaling over fifty thousand miles - we can with great confidence assure you of reliable steering assistance no matter what your mission.

To chose the right system for your mission and vessel please proceed to our main product selection page for assistance or contact our sales department. 



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 To learn more about the advantages of ball screw actuators go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_screw