Alpha Marine Systems Rides Rising Economic Tide

May, 2018

The Alpha Marine Systems Board of Directors this week authorized payment of a one-time bonus of $1,000 to company employees. Citing increased orders for new and upgraded autopilots, Chairman and CEO, Baron Dickey said, "With America turning the economic corner and heading to better times, the company has seen an increase in orders for its time-proven sailboat autopilots. It appears that customers who had delayed adding or upgrading their Navionics have decided that now is the time to have the very best autopilots installed on their sailboats."
Alpha Marine autopilots have received the highest praise for stability and long-life from transoceanic racers and global circumnavigation sailors since they were first introduced into the commercial market in the 1980s. Examples of testimonies can be found on the Alpha Marine Systems website   - Testimonials 




Founded in 1972 by sailors who knew there had to be a better way. Alpha Marine Systems was founded in Palo Alto California, home of Hewlett Packard, Varian Associates and other high tech companies. 

The company's products were tested and refined on that windy, challenging  patch of water, San Francisco Bay as well as worlds longest open ocean passage, San Francisco to Hawaii. 

 We have continued our commitment to respond to the needs of our customers and continually improve the products and service we offer. 

Thank you to our many loyal customers who have  given us the inspiration to endlessly strive to offer the best products and service in the industry.

Baron Dickey - President



PDF 3000 Manuals Now available on line.



  MODEL 3000     GENERATION 10     UPGRADE  

Over 4000 Upgrades and counting!

Over 4000 customers have taken advantage of this terrific way to keep their Autopilot current. 

Over the years technology changes and this is a very cost effective way of keeping your system in step with the latest that technology has to offer.

Because of its popularity we will continue upgrading existing 3000 control units to the BRAND NEW GENERATION 10 configuration for only $895.00.

Please contact the service Department for details.


Introducing the PHASE IV compass

Alpha Marine as the world leader in producing high accuracy flux gate compasses for commercial as well as military applications is proud to introduce our PHASE IV autopilot compass.

The PHASE IV compass builds upon the servo technology proven in our Spectra and 3000 systems that has allowed vessels to go virtually everywhere there are navigable waters, even to very high magnetic latitudes where most compasses fail to offer acceptable performance. The PHASE IV compasses also offer our unique "Hydro-Stasis" damping which obviates the need for subsequent signal processing to remove the errors produced by vessel roll and pitch and provide the ultra fast response necessary to accurately maintain heading even in down wind conditions.

PHASE IV compasses are available as retrofit for both our 3000 and Spectra pilots at a cost of $895.00 and are now standard equipment on all new pilots.

The PHASE IV compasses include a two year warranty


Virtual Rudder Position 

 While not having to install a sensor at the rudder makes an autopilot easier and less expensive to install, recent research has shown that there is no substitute for an actual rudder position sensor. If there are no asymmetric rudder loads, the vessel is equally easy to steer both to port and to starboard, the rudder position can be modeled in the control processor. 

However, if there is any asymmetry such as weather helm the processor is no longer able to accurately model the position and autopilot performance degrades rapidly. 

All of our current pilot models feature a close coupled position sensor which allows the tightest most accurate steering possible.

All of our Ball Screw linear Drives have the sensor built into the drive itself making the installation much easier, since there are no extra sensors to install, and ensuring the very best heading control.



Because of how our products are built and installed the autopilots built by Alpha Marine Systems Inc. are exempt from the requirements of RoHS and WEEE. 

As good stewards of the environment we do offer to  provide for the disposal and  treatment or recovery of any equipment of our manufacture that is returned to us, freight prepaid, for disposal.

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